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Welcome to the BestDriving School in Virginia

Driving is a risk-taking activity! Keys Driving School helps to eliminate the risk that’s involved in driving.

“Keys Driving School” offers a protected and friendly environment and the experienced Keys Driving School staff is ready to provide you with superior training programs that are modified to meet your needs.
“Keys Driving School” offers defensive and safe driving training. Ours instructors are always there to help improve your child’s driving skills, knowledge, and also teach them, how to prevent accidents and become a safe drive on the road.
Keys Driving School not only helps you become a safer and smarter driver but also protects others on the road by following the rules of the roads and tries to minimize the mistakes that are made while driving. We offer defensive driving courses, which are designed to be highly effective and easy to learn.


Some Facts About Us

Our systemic scientific approach gets ready the students how to behave in a stressful or unexpected situation on the roads.
It keeps them calm and cool in all situations. It emphasizes the hands on training. Learn the proper driving lessons, driving signs, and better understanding of the roads.

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We pick up students from various areas of Northern Virginia which includes Alexandria, Arlington Fairfax, Falls Church, Burke, Springfield, Woodbridge and most of Prince William areas.

There is one more benefit of learning driving from professional driving school that is, the driver will feel more confident after learning driving as he/she has learned it from the professional and confidence plays a vital role in driving any vehicle.

Upon completion of the driving course the students make themselves and their families safer on the roads, by using the driving principles learned in Keys Driving School.


WhatClients Say

  • I love Key’s Driving School! The people are friendly and the prices fit my budget. Driving could never be as simple as Key’s Driving School makes it. I would highly recommend!

    John Anderson
    John Anderson
  • I’m a very busy person with school, after school clubs, sports, and volunteering I do in the community. I never thought I would have time to get my driving license; however Key’s Driving School was able to work with me and scheduled something that would work for me. Overall the driving experience was great and now I can drive!

    Lida Smith
    Lida Smith

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